Food costs can take a big bite out of any traveler’s budget specially while traveling to Europe or Other western countries. How can you save money but still eatwell? Read our tips for saving money on food while traveling.

  1. Plan Ahead : Book hotels with a Complimentary Breakfast
  2. Be Flexible : A lot of restraunts offer late afternoon or happy hour menus. Eating during ‘off’ hours can sometimes save money
  3. Pack Smart : Its natural to miss Indian food while travelling and specially to get hungry in-between meals. Pack a few packs of Ready to Eat Food(LazyChef recommended) and keep those few extra Euro’s in your pocket
  4. Avoid Room Service : Instead hit the local bar’s, restaurants, etc. You get to see a few more local eateries and save a few Euro’s.
  5. Find the deals : Check online for offers and coupons and ask your Hotel Concierge for advice.

To avoid spending a single penny abroad on food, book hotels with complementary breakfast and carry lots of LazyChef. As LazyChef is freeze dried, even carrying 4 meals per person per day and a travel of 5 days would mean only allocating 2 KG of your luggage space. In comparison other Ready to Eat Food will take about 6 KG’s!!! Also, you would be hunting for bread or rice with other options in the market.

So next time you travel abroad, don’t forget to be a LazyChef!!!