We at Sobek Ventures, Bhubaneswar have diversified our operations from being prime suppliers of RO packaged water and ice cubes to Freeze Dried Food under the brand Lazy Chef. Our offerings include preparations having a Pan Indian appeal. Our recipes strictly comply to time honored methods and are executed with highest standards of consistency and quality.

Within the first quarter of the existence of the Lazy Chef brand we have carved a niche for ourselves in the direct retail online market and have received praise for the quality, taste and the flavor authenticity of our products.

The Lazy Chef product line had been created keeping in mind the complete dearth Ready to Eat Indian Meal options which taste fresh and authentic.

Our Manufacturing Processes are strongly cemented by the engineering acumen of our team as all our technology and machines have been built in house to suit our custom needs. Our operations are based out of Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Under the Lazy Chef brand we have a hand picked team including highly experienced Industrial Engineers, Process Engineers, Operational Managers, Chefs and others.

What is LazyChef

The essence of Lazy Chef is the need to revolutionize Ready to Eat food technology.  Processed, tasteless, barely edible and inadequate is how the current instant meals are defined by a lot of regular consumers. Our sole purpose is to not just fulfil consumer needs for wholesome food with a make-do solution. It is to make Ready to Eat food synonymous with fresh, authentic, mouth watering, real nutrition with generous helpings , bringing Gourmet experience to our customers “Anytime, Anywhere and in a jiffy”. By creating products which bring customer delight we intend to network with various partners to grow internationally on the 3 truths of quality, taste and value for money.
We our an “instant” food company. But we hand pick our fresh raw materials “patiently” , the food in our pots brews for hours and hours very “slowly”.Time honored recipes are further refined by conducting trials “endlessly”,.Heck, we even choose our team from professionals who work  lovingly, diligently and “leisurely”!
So in this world where you run faster than the second hand, we let the flavors infuse, curries simmer while the birds sing… so that the only thing that is “instant” about your food is how quickly you can consume it.
The reason for existence of the Lazy Chef Brand is to ensure that Quality, Taste, Nutrition. We promise to give our partners and consumers the best bang for their buck and a burst of flavors in every bite

What is Freeze Dried Food?

By adding hot water to the packed contents, after 8 minutes, fresh, hot, flavorful food  can be enjoyed. Freeze drying is a process wherein fresh food with wholesome ingredients is cooked using no machine processing or artificial additives. The freshly cooked food is then frozen at -20c eradicating harmful micro-organisms, It is then dried in Freeze Drying machines using vacuum by the process of sublimation. It is then quickly packed into mylar bags locking in freshness for long lasting flavors.

This process ensures that the taste, size, structure of the food is in no way degraded unlike other food preserving methods.

No added preservatives or processing methods are used in this process  ensuring absolute freshness and nutrition whenever the food pack is opened.

The Freeze Drying process is also used by NASA for even ensuring freshness, nutrition and health across years in space.

Freeze Drying Statistics

Amount of Water Removed 98%
Taste 100%
Minimum Nutrition Retention After Processing 90%

Our Certifications


ISO 22000 Certification